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From beginning to end, Jolson Creative’s hands-on approach provides each client with unparalleled, personalized service and creative expertise, adding that extra special touch

of entertainment.



People Say We Produce the Best Red Carpet Premieres and Events in Los Angeles and NYC    A well-presented premiere sets the tone for how a project is received in the media.  We expertly manage, customize and creating an IMMERSIVE RED CARPET EXPERIENCE to best showcase their project. Our team expertly takes care of all of handling of the event planning logistics, media alerts, talent outreach and coordination to ensure each event gets the highest attention possible and that their guests have the best time at the event.


Prized Indie Film Buzz  Working hands on with the filmmakers during all phases of production through distribution, Jolson Creative utilizes our vast media contacts to personally make sure your project gets the best coverage.  Planning and strategizing, we generally will start with the trade announcements to get on everyone's radar and lay the groundwork for a viable PR ongoing campaign.
During production Jolson Creative serves as the “unit publicist,” managing on-location media, capturing behind-the-scenes interviews with cast and filmmakers for EPK’s, and coordinating select media for on-set visits, when appropriate. During post-production, we edit and organize the vast collection of still images to manage for talent approval and get the images ready and captioned for future press needs. Our team also helps to coordinate any special “First Look” image media opportunities. We work hand-in-hand with the filmmakers on the next phase of seeking distribution, including helping secure placement in film festivals, setting up buyers and press screenings, on order to keep the project on everyone’s radar.
At Jolson Creative, we are experienced and passionate about helping the filmmakers navigate through all aspects of a project’s distribution campaign, whether it be self-distribution or limited/national distribution,  an all multi-platform releasing via Streaming, VOD, DVD, Day-n-Date, etc. We build and implement a well designed branded social media campaign to launch the much-needed fan base from day one. We actively manage and maintain each social media channel, posting relevant material, links to media stories, behind-the-scenes images, facilitate any desired giveaways and more to keep it fresh and exciting to further encourage audience and media engagement and to maintain the buzz for a project during all phases of production.
The Celebrity Edge and Media Awareness for Charity Events Using our network of media and celebrity contacts, Jolson Creative brings The Celebrity Edge to charity fundraising galas to ensure that each organization gets the spotlight that it deserves. We carefully target the celebrity honorees, presenters and red carpet guests that not only help draw attention to an organization but that also truly care about the cause in order to raise the most awareness and secure donations and ticket sales. We can produce the whole affair by seamlessly managing the venue, caterers, silent auction, music, performers, VIP red carpet reception, celebrity guests and presenters, VIP guests, seating arrangements, event decor, and flowers or we can work with a previously established event planning team. Jolson Creative can also help bring attention by creating/managing the social media campaign on multiple platforms for the event to further encourage celebrity and media engagement.
Hands-on PR Consulting for Industry Professionals  Jolson Creative’s personal PR image campaigns are designed to build the BRAND of the actor, producer or director. They are created to obtain optimum media recognition, national exposure and enhance our client’s fan base through our personal and strategic plan of action. We help create the necessary materials including great publicity stills, press kits and press releases. Whether working on an on-going basis or a brief three month period for a film project premiere, we will custom-design media pitches that best suit the needs of the client and their overall goals. Our team carefully chooses the best red carpet and industry events that are in alignment with the IMAGE PR campaign. We love to personally escort our clients to primary events, coach them on walking the red carpet, posing for photographers, and how to handle media interviews like a seasoned pro. We introduce them to important photographers to build their awareness and exposure. Additionally we manage their social media campaigns on multiple platforms that help reinforce their brand and build even more awareness and recognition.
Brand Building Image Campaigns and image consulting for Lifestyle Clientele, Authors, Personalities, and Experts We have many years of experience with successful health, beauty and fashion campaigns, product launches, and more. Jolson Creative’s marketing and PR image campaigns are design to build the “brand” of the personality, product or service. Each individual campaign is personalized based on the needs and desires of our clients and their project goals. The overall focus and coordination of the campaign includes all levels of marketing, PR, advertising, red carpet events, social media and more. We bring The Celebrity Edge to take your product or service to take it to the next level.  
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