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Celebrity Events, Brand Building Image Campaigns for Lifestyle Clientele, Authors, Personalities, and Experts.    A well-presented premiere will set the tone for how a project is received in the media. We expertly manage all the planning and details of our client's events and media, customizing and creating an “entire evening experience” to best showcase their project. Jolson Creative produces the best show in town, including handling of the event planning logistics. Our team expertly takes care of all media and talent outreach and coordination to ensure each project gets the best attention possible and that their guests have the best time at the event. We have many years of experience with successful health, beauty and fashion campaigns, product launches, and more. Jolson Creative’s marketing and PR image campaigns are designed to build the “brand” of the personality, product or service. Each individual campaign is personalized based on the needs and desires of our clients and their project goals. The overall focus and coordination of their campaign include all levels of marketing, PR, advertising, red carpet events, social media and more. We bring The Celebrity Edge to take your product or service to take it to the next level.

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