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Nadine Jolson was born into the entertainment business as a member of the famous Al Jolson family. She attended the Academy of Art College in San Francisco focusing on design and advertising. After which she immediately joined an ad agency and quickly moved up, becoming Creative Director and spearheaded memorable projects, such as the branding and national advertising campaigns for the original Ross Department Stores in California. Back in Los Angeles, she gained extensive experience working with notable brands such as the Toyota Motorsports Merchandising Program, and Warner Bros. Marketing. In 1994,  JOLSON CREATIVE was launched as a boutique design and marketing firm to focus on her passion for working one-to-one with business owners. Jolson learned she had a knack for understanding the importance of branding and marketing a product or service and executing great visuals to represent it. She also realized that although there may be people that could out-design her, there weren’t as many that could out-think her. Jolson's talent for seeing the bigger picture and blending the design, branding, and marketing together into one cohesive strategy really sets her apart from the competitors. This made Jolson Creative more valuable to clients, as they saw they could achieve great results without the need for a big-budget agency. She loves to work with clients that need someone to guide them through the process of getting their project out there and those with big ideas that just need someone to collaborate with them and execute their vision.


Our forte is IMAGE PR: Smart Design, Strategic Marketing, and Powerful Public Relations for Entertainment and Lifestyle Clientele. We create Image Branding Campaigns, Indie Film Buzz, Produce Red Carpet Events, Product Launches, Help Establish New Business and give others an Image Makeover to take them to the next level. We work best one-to-one with the business owner, sitting down and taking the time to understand the bigger picture of what they are trying to achieve and how they want to be perceived. We help clients define their brand, elevate their image and put their best look forward.  

With over 25 years in the industry, Nadine Jolson can offer expert advice, counsel, and comprehensive hands-on service at always affordable pricing. Many people think they need a big agency with an established name and they pay sky-high prices and end up having their work neglected or done by office interns. With us, when you sign with JOLSON CREATIVE, you get the expertise of Nadine Jolson, 100%+ personalized attention, passion and dedication to do the best job possible.

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