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Nadine Jolson was born into the entertainment business as a member of the famous Al Jolson family. I choose to focus on design and advertising and went to the Academy of Art College in San Francisco in the early 80’s. I immediately joined an ad agency and quickly moved up, becoming Creative Director and spearheading memorable projects, such as the branding and weekly advertising for the original 11 Ross Department Stores in California. Back in Los Angeles in the early 90’s, I gained extensive experience working with notable brands such as the Toyota Motorsports Merchandising Program, and Warner Bros. Marketing. In 1994, I launched Jolson Creative as a boutique design and marketing firm to focus on my passion for working one-to-one with business owners. I learned I had a knack for understanding the importance of branding and marketing a product or service and executing great visuals to represent it. I also realized that although there may be people that could out-design me, there weren’t as many that could out-think me. My talent for seeing the bigger picture and blending the design, branding, and marketing together into one cohesive strategy really set me apart from my competitors. This made me more valuable to clients, as they saw they could achieve great results without the need for a big budget agency. Now I love to work with indie filmmakers that need someone to guide them through the process of getting their project out there. And those with big ideas that just need someone to collaborate with them and execute their vision.


 From that moment on, I knew I had to offer the full service to my clientele – Smart Design that best represents what a client’s goals are and how they want to be perceived in the world, Strategic Marketing that is well thought-out and executed, and Effective Public Relations that serves to support and enhance their business objectives. Today, my favorite kind of clients are the ones that need all of the above. Being a little bit of a control freak, I enjoy creating the image and brand or updating and elevating an existing one and then executing it on all levels of Design/Visuals, Marketing Materials and Image, Branding and PR Campaigns.